Hi, I'm Byron Easterling. Crystal and I are founders of Build His House (BHH), a non-profit 501.c3. One of our chief purposes is to create safe and secure housing for widows and single mothers. We are presently rebuilding homes in Central America in Nicaragua, where we have been serving since 1998.  

This understanding about caring for widows began for me in 1979 in the mountains of Guatemala during a summer missions trip. As a 24-year-old, I was hungry to do something more than care for myself. On arrival, we had the opportunity to spend a couple of nights with a local family in a larger town. This was not for me! I wanted to go to the furthest reaches to a small mountain village. Off I went. There I meet amazing, loving, and kind people. Not that I didn't expect this, but during my short stay, I met Esperanza, a mountain widow. She changed my life as I watched her take a few meager coins that she earned from selling firewood to the villagers and share with the less fortunate children barely clothed and definitely malnourished. I found myself wanting to help her. To make her world better! 

Fast forward to the present, and you will find us rebuilding the homes of widows in Nicaragua. Beginning in the mountain town of Matagalpa, we discover deserving widows through local pastors and community leaders. We have an onsite manager and construction team allowing your donation to build into the local economy and providing a home rebuild for the widow. It's a win-win-win! The widow wins from a new home. The local economy wins because we use local labor and supplies, and you win because you have fulfilled a God-ordained mandate to care for the widow. We encourage you to consider becoming a sponsor of BHH/Karis Widows. 

Your generosity is a big part of what makes BHH possible and we greatly appreciate it!