Karis Communities

I can see the future! In my heart and mind, I see much more for Karis Widows. I have a goal and desire that will continue to move forward.

Imagine with me a community of homes. Nice homes, not extravagant but nice. They are duplexes in a safe and secure gated community where widows and single mothers can help each other. 

Widows mentoring moms and being together on-site as a family to those that have no family. Moms can have a trusted friend in an older woman who has lived her life well but now needs a safe place without fear of displacement. Can you imagine the opportunities?

Karis Communities are my dream and part of BHH and the reason we are rebuilding homes for widows in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. First steps that will lead to building communities in many nations. The concept community in the picture shows a family of homes with a community center for child care, job training, and building friendships. 

Your generosity is a big part of what makes the Karis Widows possible and we greatly appreciate it!