Thank you so much to all of our sponsors who have made a life-changing impact in the lives of these widows. These women have gone from living in unsafe conditions with water pouring inside their homes during storms to having solid foundations, secure walls, septic systems, bathrooms, real doors, and windows. With your help, we have literally rebuilt their homes from the ground up. For the first time in many, many years each of these women now have a place they feel safe.

Meet Marcie

Marcie's old home2.jpg
Marcie's new home.jpg

Marcie had no cover to her old door, in fact she had no front door at all. Walls were pieced together with metal sheeting or wood bits.

But now thanks to you, she has a new roof, new walls, a covered porch and so much more. For the first time in many years, she has a place she feels safe. She is secure.

Meet Regina

Regina Kitchen.jpg
Regina's new home.jpg

Regina's home was in desperate need of repair. Her old foundation was built on just dirt, as many of the widow's homes are. Kitchens of rough stone barely covered from the heavy rains.

But thanks to you, she now has a solid foundation and secure walls, no more dirt floors. She now has a safe home.

Meet Maria

Maria's old bathroom.jpg
Maria's new home.jpg
Maria's new bathroom.jpg

Maria's old home had interior walls put together with cardboard boxes found in the dump or along the roadside. When it would rain, water would pour down the cardboard walls creating a river in her bedroom.


Now because of you, she has strong new walls, a new roof, a dry home. Because of you, she is safe and secure.

How You Can Help

It is time to take the Karis Widows to six homes a year. Our costs average a total of $13,000 per home from start to finish. Would you consider partnering with us to make a huge impact in the lives of widows and single mothers?


Your gift helps provide a widow with a safe and secure home. And your contribution is creating far more than one home rebuild, it creates economic increase and stability.

You're amazing!

Your generosity is a big part of what makes BHH possible and we greatly appreciate it! 

Karis Widows is a project of Build HIs House or BHH. We are a nonprofit 501.c3. All donations are tax-deductible.

When you give to the Karis Widows, it goes directly into fulfilling the next phase of building six homes a year.


The Process

Nicaragua map 300x300.png

We are currently rebuilding homes for widows and single mothers in the rural mountain town of Matagalpa in Nicaragua.


Our on-site manager Jerenia, a Nicaraguan, connects with the local pastors and community leaders to personally meet with the widows who need a home.

Locals in the region handle all of the labor, materials, and construction management. By using local labor and materials, we keep finances in the country and increase economic stability for the community as well.

Thank You Gift

A thank you gift of the Easterling's book, Love Notes From Dad for becoming a monthly sponsor.

When you give a monthly gift to help rebuild a widow's home, we'd like to send you a gift from BHH as a thank you for making her world better! If you would like this gift please email our Administrator at:


Several years ago, I began writing what I called, Love Notes From Dad. They have become a part of our meetings as we travel. They are simple expressions of how I believe the Father speaks of us and sees us from a heavenly point of view. It was then that Crystal had the great idea to take these and create a daily devotional series. With five days for each Love Note. Allowing you to go deeper and hear the heartbeat of the Father for you through practical exercises, scripture, meditation and more. Crystal and I pray you will enjoy these moments with Dad and discover his abundant love for you as you search his heart through these love notes to you.