We have the honor and privilege of traveling around the world and meeting so many amazing and wonderful friends. Once they hear about what the Lord is doing with the Karis Widows in Nicaragua they often ask, "How can we help?" 

Have you ever considered that you have friends that are like-minded? They know you and love you for who you are and the things you believe in. That's what often makes our friendships so relevant. These are the ones that like to hear what you believe in and learn how they can take part as well. 

Friendships are vital to our lives. They give us hope and create encouragement as we walk out all we have before us. We have found that it's these same friends who like to know about your heart for widows and for the Karis Widows. 

Will you consider hosting an information session? It's easy, it's fun, very relational and it can provide the future home for a well-deserving widow to have her home rebuilt. 

Click the button to contact Erin and set up an information session.